Diabetic Nephropathy Should We Take Dialysis to Lower Creatinine 386

Diabetic Nephropathy Should We Take Dialysis to Lower Creatinine 386You know, creatinine 386 means a badly damage of kidneys in the situation of diabetic nephropathy. And thus, should we take dialysis to lower creatinine 386? Once the creatinine gets into normal, is it the sign that I am recovered?

Many patients with diabetic nephropathy do not know much about their conditions or the treatments. In most countries, the patients may told the patients with only creatinine 386 to drink more water, take more attention in diets and await for dialysis.

Let’s have a short analysis of the suggestion. Drink more water are considered as a good way to reduce the toxins as well as creatinine while it can also add the burden of kidneys, the patients must take the opportune volume. And the good foods can reduce the burden of the kidneys and strong our immunity. As for dialysis, it is a artificial measure to filter the blood based on the principle of molecular diffusion and permeation. In spite of that it plays a great effect on disappearing symptoms and complications effectively and quickly, the patients’ own detoxification is not recovered, and the renal function will be less with it.

So that, what is the best advice for the patients with creatinine 386 and diabetic nephropathy?

I highly recommend a integrated treatment. In China, the patients will not only be given good care in daily, but also take Toxin-Removing Therapy to take away all the unwanted substances (like creatinine and other wastes, excess nutrients, as well as the extra fluid). Furthermore, some external applications of Chinese medicines, like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Steaming Therapy, Full Bath Therapy and so on, have the potential of rebuilding renal structure and renal function.

When the kidneys are restored, the patients can live a high quality life in which creatinine is kept in a low range, discomforts are disappeared radically, and the patients do not need to start dialysis.

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