Clinical Laboratory

Clinical laboratory of Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital locates in building A, floor 1. Its subdivisions include laboratory of clinical biochemistry, clinical immunology, clinical analysis, clinical microbiology and blood transfusion laboratory. There are 14 medical technicians in the clinical laboratory.

The laboratory equips with a set of Roche COBAS 6000 biochemistry immune analysis system from Germany; a Beckman Synchron CX9, automatic biochemistry analyzer; one set of sysmex CA1500 automated hematology analyzer from Japan; an sysmex UF500i automated urinalysis analyzer from Japan; one ARKRAY AX-4030 automated urine chemistry analyzer from Kyoto, Japan; one set of FACSCantoII flow cytometer of America BD company; one set of ABI Quantitative PCR instrument; one set of five categories of automated hematology analyzer, sysmexXE-2100, Japan; two sets of three categories of automated hematology analyzer, sysmexKX-21, Japan; one set of ATP bacterial identification and drug susceptibility instrument, bio-Mérieux, France; ultra-microscope, Olympus, Japan; a Lucy luminometer; an COBAS 411 immunoassay analyzer. In addition, two special blood refrigerators are equipped in the laboratory.

Quality control has been paid serious attention by clinical laboratory over years; meanwhile, we also stick to internal quality control. 150 testing items can be done in our clinical laboratory; more than 95% of the testing reports can be gotten in the very same day.

Our existing testing items include not only routine, biochemical, immunological tests but early detection of renal damage, specific protein detection of hematuria, osmotic pressure detection, Cys C detection, serial detection for urotoxin, detection of OKT, autoimmune diseases, culture and identification and drug sensitivity, the analysis of bacterial resistance along with epidemiology and nosocomial infection monitor etc as well. In order to ensure the centrifugal microscopic for every single patient, we put the international golden standard to use in our routine urine test.

Our clinical laboratory possesses upstanding teamwork spirit under the guidance of modern management system in our hospital. With the aid of standardized management, advanced equipment and top technique skills, we supply high quality, accurate, rapid service for not only clinic but also patients. Clinical laboratory establishes perfect quality system. All staffs dedicate to improve and enhance our task under the guidance of our perfect quality system aiming at provide better service in the future.

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