How to Control the Illness Condition of Stage 2 CKD

How to Control the Illness Condition of Stage 2 CKDStage 2 CKD(chronic kidney disease) is a kidney disorder in clinic. So, what can be done to control the illness condition of the disease? Please read on to find the answer.

What’s the cause of the disease?

The major causes of stage 2 CKD are diabetes and high blood pressure which are responsible for 2/3 causes. We all know diabetes patients’ blood sugar level is very high, and long-term high blood sugar can damage multiple organs including kidneys.

In addition, high blood pressure can injury small blood vessels cause kidney disorder. Without effective treatments, kidney disorder will develop into renal failure, which will cause great pain to patients both in physical and mental.

So, how to control the illness condition of stage 2 CKD?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

The main purpose of the therapy is to improve kidney function. During the treatment, two bags filled with effective medicines are put under the patients’ back. Then, with the help of permeating agent, the ingredients in medicines can be absorbed by kidney lesions externally.

What’s more, the medicines can dilate blood vessels, enhance blood circulation, provide abundant nutrients for the damaged kidneys to rebuild a normal kidney structure. In addition, the medicines can repair tissues and cells, change the condition of ischemia and hypoxia. In this way, renal function can be improved from the root. Once kidney function is enhanced, it is hopeful to control the illness condition of stage 2 CKD. Any interest? Send an email to to get more info.

A proper diet management

A scientific diet can not treat the disease, but it can control the state of illness to some degrees. Patients should limit the intake of protein and fat so as to decrease the burden of failed kidneys. Besides, they should also keep a low-salt diet, since too much salt will damage blood vessels and lead to high blood pressure.

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