Except for Dialysis What Can I Do To Live Longer

Hello, I just got the result that I had chronic kidney failure from my doctor. And he told me to start dialysis. My creatinine level is only 264, is dialysis a must? I see many patients get recovered in your hospital, can I also avoid dialysis? Except for dialysis, what can I do to live longer? Please kindly advice.

Hello, your creatinine level in blood at 264 umol/L stands that you still have chances to reverse the illness conditions and avoid dialysis.

Actually, right now we can slow down damage to kidneys but you can't repair it directly and completely. In spite of this, once the damage is completely stopped, your renal function will be improved bit by bit due to your strong self-recovery ability.

You must know that with a damaged kidney, various of excessive toxins and wastes will be remained in the blood. So that, your blood are polluted. Without a cleaned blood, you can not get a expected therapeutic result.

For these, our hospital builds up a natural treatment created on the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to realize the purpose of filtering your blood. Such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Soup Bath, Immunotherapy, Acupuncture, Hot Compress Therapy and so on.

Furthermore, these medicines selected up in the light of your physical-conditions can dilate the blood vessels, prevent the inflammation and coagulation, quicken blood circulation, offer nutrients and oxygen, reinforce the self-curing ability, improve the renal function, etc.

According to the clinical records, many patients have the similar situations as you keep their creatinine level in normal level, and they can enjoy their normal life again without doing dialysis.

For more information about the alternative treatments to dialysis, please leave a message below or send the medical reports to us. We will try our best to help you.

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