Tips Should Be Known by Kidney Disease Patients

In recent years, with the increasing incidence of the disease, glomerulosclerosis, diabetic nephropathy patients are also increasing rapidly. Due to the lack of measures to slow the progression of nephropathy, patients from the early urinary albumin excretion rate, to clinical nephropathy proteinuria, edema, hypertension, renal dysfunction often aggravated until end-stage renal failure uremia, dialysis and eventually to graft, become a huge economic burden of the family and society. Therefore, how to prevent the progress of the disease has become a hot and difficult problem in medical research. What kind of measures should be taken for the patient's diet to be the best treatment? This is the problem that the vast majority of patients must make clear.

1. For patients with chronic renal insufficiency, it is necessary to limit protein intake, which can reduce nitrogen retention in the blood, lighten the burden of the kidneys, and delay the progression of chronic renal failure.

2. If kidney disease patients have no obvious edema or hypertension, don't limit salt, it can be like normal people into the daily limit of 10 grams of salt, salt intake mainly for patients with edema and hypertension, because they do not limit salt and heavy water sodium retention, the edema to subside, caused by high blood pressure. Generally, every day, the salt intake is limited by 2-3 grams of salt, less urine, and higher blood potassium.

3. Kidney disease patients without oliguria and edema is controlled without water intake, edema of the patients should be to master the water intake, urine volume and edema degree according to major general, if edema, early eating outside, water intake should be limited is suitable in 500-800ml/ day. After suffering from urinary tract infection, patients should drink more water and urinate regularly to avoid or reduce bacteria 'stay and reproduction in the urinary tract, so as to achieve frequent irrigation of bladder and urethra.

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