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CKD Symptoms

How to Lower High Creatinine Level 6.8 and Proteinuria Effectively

Q: hello, doctor, I am a chronic kidney disease patient with high creatinine level 6.8, anemia and proteinuria. According to my condition, how to lower high creatinine level 6.8 and proteinuria effectively?...Read More

Treatment for CKD Patients with Low Hemoglobin

Many people need treatment for low hemoglobin because they lack hemoglobin in the vessels. Especially for kidney disease patients, low hemoglobin is one common symptom. How to increase hemoglobin for patients?...Read More

The Alternative Treatments for Proteinuria in Nephropathy

Proteins being biomolecules, they are not easy to be filtered by kidneys. Thus, if large amount of protein appear in urine, it means kidney starts to be damaged. Except medicines to solve this problem such as ACE inhibitors, are there altern...Read More

How Does Kidney Disease Cause Proteinuria

Proteinuria refers to large amount of protein in urine, which is one of the most common symptoms of kidney disease. As for kidney disease patients, when protein content in urine increases to certain degree, there will form much foam in urine...Read More

Why Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Often Feel Fatigue

Kidney is an important organ in our body, which manages the balance of the whole body. So when patients have kidney disease, various problems will appear in many parts of the body. Some patients may often feel fatigue easily and do not know ...Read More

Is There Any Natural Treatment for CKD Patients with Serious Swelling

It is well known that there are various herbal medicines that have their own characteristic and function. Therefore, doctor will make different treatment plan with different herbal medicines according to their own illness condition. Is there...Read More

How to Increase Hemoglobin for Patients with High Creatinine Level

It is easy to find your hemoglobin is very low when your creatinine is high. However, how to increase hemoglobin for patients with high creatinine? If you have the same condition and want to know the answer, please go on reading....Read More

How to Treat Kidney Disease with BUN 60 and Creatinine 2.9

I am a kidney disease patient with BUN 60 and creatinine 2.9, what should I do? I really want to know what these indexes mean. How to treat kidney disease with BUN 60 and creatinine 2.9? Welcome to contact online doctor for free and fast inf...Read More

How to Overcome High Creatinine Level 5 with Proteinuria to Avoid Dialysis

From the clinical experience, high creatinine level 5 with proteinuria mainly tells that not only kidney tissues and intrinsic cells, but also renal functions are damaged seriously. But dialysis treatment can not solve these two problems at ...Read More

The Most Effective Treatment for Patients with Creatinine 7.8 and Severe Swelling

As a matter of fact, creatinine 7.8 refers to that you are at stage 5 kidney disease in which patients often experience many poisoning symptoms. Swelling is the most common one. Besides, the symptom of swelling relapsed easily. While, what...Read More

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