Dietary Principles to Help Maintain CKD with Creatinine 4

Dietary Principles to Help Maintain CKD with Creatinine 4Many doctor will advice the dietary control for CKD patients for maintain their conditions well. But in fact, the best diet plan is different from the patient to patient as a result of their unlike illness-conditions. While, here I will show you the dietary principles to help maintain CKD with creatinine 4.

The basis principles for the CKD patients’ meal is low-salt, low-fat and low high-quality protein.

Low salt is mainly aimed at preventing the high blood pressure. Since the patients with CKD and creatinine 4 can not excrete the fluid and unnecessary things totally, the extra substances will be deposited in the blood, and increase the blood pressure. You know, the high blood pressure is one of the leading causes of kidney failure.

Low fat is for avoiding blood stasis. In the situation of CKD and creatinine 4, various of toxins are accumulated in the blood, so that, the blood can not flow prefect. High fat intakes will lead to more cardiovascular problems.

Low high-quality protein is adopted in CKD patients so as to reduce the burden of kidneys. What is more, if the patients have serious protein leakage (hypoproteinemia), the patients need to have more high quality protein.

Besides, the limitation is not the prohibition, and in some cases, the patients need to have more vegetables, less potassium, less phosphorus, etc.

Furthermore, the dietary control can not replace the treatments. If you do not have good option to improve your own renal function, you can try Foot Bath Therapy.

Many patients do not understand why not only bath the feet with medical soup, they can get a relaxation. The medicines will enter the body through acupoints in the feet bottom and take effects on dredging channels, activating the blood circulation, removing toxins and improving renal function. When the kidney is restored, the creatinine 4 will be diminished, and the patients will have less bans in meals.

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