CKD Diet

  • Dietary Principles to Help Maintain CKD with Creatinine 4

    Many doctor will advice the dietary control for CKD patients for maintain their conditions well. But in fact, the best diet plan is different from the patient to patient as a result of their unlike illness-conditions. While, here I will sho...Read More

  • Diet Principles and Treatment for Patients with High Creatinine Level

    Creatinine is the metabolism product of muscle, which can be discharged from the body via glomerulus. What are the diet principles for patients with high creatinine level? In the following we will tell you the answer, please go on reading. Y...Read More

  • Healthy Diet Principles for Patients with High Creatinine Level

    Creatinine is an important level to check how kidney works, and its healthy condition. But, high creatinine level is a sign of kidney damage in early stage. Diet plays an essential role in reducing high creatinine level. So, what are the hea...Read More

  • Is Cucumber Healthy for CKD

    Patients with kidney problems always have symptom of less urine because of damaged renal function, so, the toxic substances, metabolites, wastes cant be eliminated out of human body. Patients must pay attention to diet. Is cucumber healthy...Read More

  • Diet List for CKD Stage 3 without Diabetes

    A healthy diet can help patients with CKD stage 3 relieve some symptoms, protect kidney function and slow down the progression towards kidney failure. Now follow us to learn about the diet list for CKD stage 3 without diabetes, hoping it co...Read More

  • what can diet help CKD patients ?

    Diet for CKD Patient after Dialysis, Diet for CKD Patient, dialysisFor CKD patients, dialysis will become a common treatment when condition develops kidney failure. A dialysis diet helps to decrease the amount of waste that builds up in the...Read More

  • A Great Diet to Repair Kidney Damage Naturally

    According to a recent survey, the quantity of kidney disease patients increases rapidly every year. Then, what should we do in our daily life? Today, we will talk about a great diet to repair kidney damage naturally. Kidneys play a importan...Read More

  • Can Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Eat Dairy Products

    Dairy products is commonly seen in our daily life. With the delicious taste and rich nutrition, dairy products are popular in all over the world. But when people are attacked by chronic kidney disease, there are too many limitation in their...Read More

  • Is Liquor Bad for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

    People can come into contact with liquor more or less in their daily life. For common people, the proper liquor intake benefit them a lot. But for Chronic Kidney Disease patients, liquor means a lot. Here will have a analysis about the rela...Read More

  • Fruits for CKD Patients with High Blood Pressure

    Fruits are rich in nutrition which can satisfied human needs such as many kinds of vitamins and microelement. But for CKD patients with high blood pressure, some unreasonable diet can heavier the kidney damage and high blood pressure. Here...Read More